The National Collegiate Athletic Association Injury Surveillance Program has been ongoing since 1982.  The Datalys Center has managed the system since 2009.  The system was originally developed to provide current and reliable data describing injury trends in intercollegiate sports.  These data are provided by NCAA member institutions and are used by the NCAA Sport Rules Committees and by the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports.  

The historical and on-going success of the NCAA’s Injury Surveillance Program can be directly attributed to the participation and commitment of collegiate athletic trainers who understand the importance of injury surveillance data and the critical role it plays in protecting the health and safety of the student athlete.

The Datalys Center uses a Common Data Element approach to data collection.  We call this approach the Export Engine Transmission Standard.  The Export Engine program allows athletic trainers using a variety of Electronic Health Record applications to submit data to the NCAA ISP.  This approach reduces, if not eliminates, the need of double data entry.  We currently have three certified vendors; ATS (, NExTT solutions ( and SIMS (

If you are a collegiate athletic trainer and are interested in participating in the NCAA ISP, please contact the Datalys Center. A Datalys Center representative will answer your questions and provide information on the participation options available to you.