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High School RIO DISC

The Datalys Center provides a process for obtaining de-identified line item data from the High School Reporting Information Online (High School RIOTM) Study. Interested researchers are required to submit a DISC application outlining their specific aims, analysis methodology, research team, and identification of specific data being requested. The DISC application can be found linked below, as well as a link to the most recent codebook in which researchers can identify the specific data they wish to request. Completed applications will be reviewed by Datalys Center faculty and staff, followed by the Datalys Center’s Scientific Advisory Board. Pending the approval of the Scientific Advisory Board, requested data sets will then be made available to researchers.

Requested data will not be released without proof of human subject protections approval or exemption from the primary investigator’s Institutional Review Board. Applications under IRB review will be considered, but data will not be released until proof of approval or exemption is provided to the Datalys Center.

The Datalys Center can answer preliminary questions prior to application submission via or (855)-832-4222.