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NCAA Injury Surveillance Program

The ISP is a data collection initiative designed to track and analyze medical illnesses and injuries that result from sport participation. Since 1982, athletic trainers have collaborated with the NCAA to create the largest collegiate sports injury database in the world. Today, the NCAA Sport Science Institute partners with the Datalys Center to manage the ISP and to help inform injury prevention policies and practices in college sport.

Over the past 10 years, data captured in the NCAA ISP have been instrumental to various NCAA committees, and for participating schools to monitor injury trends over time, inform policy and sport rules changes, and make evidence-based decisions to improve health and safety. To enhance the care of college athletes, your school’s participation is needed. To help make the data submission process easier, the ISP is compatible with the following Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems:

Athletic Trainer System (Valued partner since 2009)
SportsWare Online (Valued partner since 2013)
Healthy Roster (Valued partner since 2020)
PyraMED (Valued partner since 2018)
Vivature/NExTT (Valued partner since 2009)

ATs using incompatible EMRs may also contribute to the ISP using the free-to-use Injury Surveillance Tool (IST), and ATs contributing data to the NCAA ISP are eligible to receive 10 Category B CEUs per academic year for their efforts. Participation requires about 20 additional minutes of data entry per week, per sport. Schools are asked to contribute data for two to three sports per season for the ISP to provide informative analyses.

With participation growing each year, the scope and depth of the data collected by the ISP has grown over the years. Any questions regarding the NCAA Injury Surveillance Program should be directed to:

Avinash Chandran
Director of the NCAA ISP, Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention
Adrian Boltz
Research Associate for the NCAA ISP, Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention
Neel Rao
Research Assistant for the NCAA ISP, Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention

For additional information, contact the Datalys Center at or at 855-832-4222.

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