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Dissemination of sports injury surveillance data and research findings is one of the primary goals of the Datalys Center. We publish study findings in peer-reviewed journals, collaborate with external researchers, create summary reports and fact sheets, deliver aggregate sports injury epidemiology information to stakeholders, and provide datasets to external researchers through our Data Injury Statistics Clearinghouse (DISC). 

Data Injury Statistics Clearinghouse (DISC) Requests

If you are a researcher from an academic institution or other organization (including students of all levels) engaging in a research study that requires injury surveillance datasets, please submit a completed DISC application and applicable associated documentation for your intended injury surveillance program:

DISC applications first undergo an internal review by Datalys Center faculty/staff, then undergo full review by the Datalys Center Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) during quarterly meetings. All DISC applications must be submitted at least four weeks prior to a scheduled SAB meeting to be considered for review. The 2024 SAB meetings are scheduled for the following dates:

          January 10, 2024
          April 3, 2024
          July 10, 2024
          October 2, 2024

Other Data Requests

Additional data requests by participating institutions, media, governing bodies and private sector organizations can be made by submitting the form below.